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 The best part of rescuing dogs is of course when we get greetings from our former rescued dogs.
Vasili was found in a shelter very sick. Our Hospice brought him out and started working with him. He was a sweet heart…and he is an even bigger sweet heart now. A wonderful family in Northern Italy adopted him.
We couldn’t be more happy. And, we know he is the happiest boy!

That’s Amore!



They were locked up for 13 years. Thanks to AWL they got out and got a wonderful place at our Hospice. No cages only bedrooms and living-rooms, garden, warm dog beds, great food and love. Love from all our wonderful volunteers, that cares and makes a difference.

Sunny (white male) is dying. Even if we know that helping Senior dogs means a short time. Maybe short for us but long for them. Cher (brown female) was locked in the cage together with him for 13 long years. Can you imagine?

She knew long time before us that Sunny is “shutting” down, and she wont leave his side. She licks him, looks after him…calm and loving.

I said to my volunteer yesterday, that each dog (Senior) has (is) taught us a lot about different personalities. I love them, I adore them

That’s Amore!



                                                   SPONSOR THE BEAUTIFUL LAIKA.

Laika came to our Hospice in December brought by our veterinarian. Her family who is an older couple couldn’t take care of Laikas seizures and wanted her to be put to sleep. Our veterinarian hadn’t the heart to do so since overall she was a healthy and happy dog. Our veterinarian wanted to try to change the medicine. Laika came to our Hospice, polite and lovely and the other Seniors welcomed her right away. With her knew medicine she hasn’t had any seizure in soon to be one month. We are so happy, and Laika is the happiest one.
Please consider a monthly sponsorship of Laika for her medicine and food.
You can start your sponsorship today by contacting Ulla Linders at

We have PAYPAL here on blog, you can sign up for monthly donation. 

That’s Amore!




There are many people out there in the world that are helping us AWL to be able to work, rescuing animals. Without your help we cannot give them any help;  medicine or surgeries. Food to starving dogs, de worming and vaccinations to Puppies. Or, our Senior Dogs at the hospice.

When treated and healed we fine super wonderful homes for them. To you, you are the strongest link in our chain, Team Italy. That’s Amore!

Irena Lamadrid, Sweden
Michelle Gunter “Franka” earmarked puppies. USA
Julie Blair, UK

 Derek rescue by AWL, now having an easy life! Thank you sponsors.

 Our great volunteer Ryan, and his admire from the hospice Stella the Handbag (always want to be carried)

Our small rescue brats that are waiting to be transported to their new families, Germany and Sweden.

Tracey Kleber, USA
China Platou, Sweden
Gennie Greer Day, donated twice “puppies” USA
Clinton & Melissa Gunter “medical help to Franka” USA
Gunilla Tomasson, Sweden
Tracey L Nettles, “our long time monthly sponsor” USA
Helen Dale, USA
Elisabeth Biddle, USA

Franka rescued after many years in shelters. Senior at the hospcie. Barbara with family sponsored one day at the SPA!

Carina Lidbom, Sweden
Ulla Linders ‘Capri & Phillipo”  Sweden
Else Marie Pedersen “Gaby”, Sweden
Annica Wadstrom, Sweden 

Eva Nordstrand, “Franka” Sweden
Patricia Edwards, Sweden

Elisabeth Kruse, Denmark/Germany who is a great sponsor in every project we have. In one way or another, she is amazing.

Ann Livs Grollmeister, Sweden
Anna Persson, Sweden
Marie-Louise Andersson, Sweden
Henrik Ahlberg,  Sweden
And one donation it only says;- With Love!
One of Rosies pups that was rescued by AWL. That’s Amore!