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 What a fighter our little Angy(o) Johny is. Amazingly. Only a couple of days ago was he dying.
A surgery was being made, they had many organs mixed into each other. Reconstruct some.

 Thanks to a wonderful animal team (volunteers) Angelina and her family that brought him to Arco Felice. Our little one can today go home to foster home and be under strong observation. Still the danger is not over.
He can eat small peaces every meal.

Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, USA is our big generous Guardian Angel. He read the story and quick he sent little one a check of 2000 dollar.

Amazing generous and fantastic. We LOVE you Craig, as always you are fantastic to our organization.

That’s Amore!



 4 March 2014 “abbiamo ottenuto i soldi!!”

is overwhelmed and will during the day update you more. But we got the money for Little Angy’s surgery. Craig Kleber from LA USA filled in the big time (more in a bit) I just sent the volunteer thumb up for surgery. However, it is a complicated surgery so we beg for prayers and light.
The money (I will update you) that will be left over will also go to recovery. If more money is over we have a new heartbreaking story that I will tell you all about later today. But we wanted to thank you all for the support
Craig Kleber LA USA
Tove Karlsson Stockholm Sweden
more to come…..
3 March 2014 URGENT!

Last Sunday morning,
was this little one picked up from the road. Hurt, internal wounds and in bad shape.

He is just a puppy, 7 months old, weighs 5 kg .
Our volunteer Angelina and her sister saw him right away, they stopped the car and picked him up from the traffic street. Every one else just passed him.
He tried to eat, just a little bit of baby food. Suddenly the puppy started to vomiting, having difficulty breathing.
Angy and sister drove him to the ER clinic, Villa Felice, that immediately gave him oxygen to help him breathe.
Analysis , visits, hospitalization donations: he has a diaphragmatic hernia , needs urgent surgery, which is risky, but he will not survive without help.
Appampacchia Ambigginella and her sister have not stepped back .. but the surgery is expensive, € 300–500.
Please help us to urgent collect the money for the little one. Lets give him a chance in life.
Positive thoughts for the little one, let’s hope that the surgery goes well and that those eyes come back to smile
Earmark Angy.