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Our Wonderful Veterinarian


This trip would be so short that I had to cut down on my ‘want to visit’ list. I always love to go and see ‘our’ veterinarian since 2008 Dr Damiani. 
He is a very busy man with his own clinic and working on American base.
I had to go to the American base to pick up some things. Who is not coming walking if not Dr. Damiani. We both got so happy to see each other if only for 3 minutes.
Amazingly, he had ‘our’ AWL t shirt under his vet scrubs. How awesome was that!
Thank you Dr D for still thinking highly about us.
That’s Amore!



 Pepe a young and handsome male followed one of our volunteers home. We think that every strays in that area knows the love and wonderful life at Valeries house.  He was taken to Dr Fransesco at Dr Damiani Clinic to be castrated. He was such a good boy.

 Even in the car he was acting like a true star.

He is BiG and a young sweetheart. Very beautiful. He would be great in a family together with another trained dog for him to read off of. He is a fast learner

We might think he was abused! Just doesn’t like yelling, then he hides by the door.

Never a growled.

Needs some training, super smart. Good with cats, dogs, kids (although isn’t mindful of his big goofy size).

Knows only after a couple of days sit, come and is learning to walk on a leash
He is a wonderful, happy dog, that follows your instructions when you say please and I love you.

 Would you adopt me?

 I admire everyone that comes my way!

Few accidents in the home. But hey, I am learning what it means to be an indoor dog!

That’s Amore



Far away from Italy, we have a true Animal Rescue Friend. Craig Kleber who lives in Brentwood, LA–US Craig is helping Mr Edgar Poe to get the veterinarian and medicine treatment that he needs.
For us it is amazing and heartwarming to have such a wonderful rescue animal friend that cares about the animals wherever they are in the world. I know he is helping big time in LA, too.

Craig has followed our work for several years, and has always been there when we needed help -as we need all the time–

Edgar Poe –as you know if you from following our blog–is having heart-problems and some other “minor” health concerns as any old gentleman (dog) would get. But thanks to Craig’s recent generous donation of 2000 dollar, we now have a “Fred Astaire” tap-dancing, happy dog at the hospice.

 Thank you Dr Damiani for helping AWL’s Mascot Edgar Poe.

Volunteer Angy for being Edgar’s VIP driver.

Thank you all, so much!



This is Sally, one year old (10 kg) and spayed yesterday. She was rescued by volunteers; Martina and Pio who spotted her roaming around a lot of cars in heavy traffic. Sally was stressed and in a kind of panic mood. Like she had been dumped and not used to be a street dog.

 Sally is staying in Martina and Pio’s home resting after being spayed at Dr Damiani clinic.

Sally is great with people and other dogs, a really sweet-heart. Sally would be happy to be a family dog–she got her dog-bag packed and ready to go.

Thank you AWL for sponsoring for the steralization. That’s protective Amore!



This is Ombra a couple of months ago.

Found on the Southern streets, rescued by a shelter and saved by our AWL Hospice in Napoli.
With different treatments, a lot of healthy food and even more love from our volunteer team this is Ombra now. He is wonderful!
He is so sweet and gentle, a perfect dog for company, together with other dogs or alone, and with well behaved children. He have NEVER growled or showed his teeth. Ombra got the biggest heart!

Yesterday he got VIP escort to Dr Fransesca at Dr. Damiani clinic for a check up health test.

Thank you volunteer Angy for escorting Ombra. That’s Amore.