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Both of the surgeries has been very difficult and long. Amputation because the head of the femur was fractured and the resulting scar tissue made the procedure very complicated. Castration because none of the testicles were located in the scrotum. One of them was in the groin area and the other was inside the belly. So a total of three openings had to be performed in order to locate and remove them all.

Our little miracle puppy went through a tough surgery that took many hours. Still, the first 7 days will be extra critical due to infections (etc)

Thank you team Dr Damiani and foster mom Nicky Mormino for helping Otto.

We still are in big need of donations for his medical bill 800 euro. Please help Otto and the tema. We got PAYPAL on this site and (sponsor) bank account.

Keep the prayers going….and he is still up for adoption when he got his fully strength back.

That’s Amore!



 We wrote about Angelo before, a lovely senior dog that was found by a family on the streets in the garbage. He had a self healed broken leg that he was laying and chewing on. He was in discomfort.
The family took him in and wanted to make the best for Angelo. AWL sponsored the amputation, cleaning the teeth and blood test.

 Here is sweet Angelo happy home rolling in the grass. The family told me that you could se a big change in his mood, he is much happier now.

 Thank you Dr Damiani & Team for everything.

Sponsors because of you we can save animals from discomfort and pain. You are making a big difference. Thank you.

That’s Amore.



 This is Eva (Eve) she is an English Setter found running around on the highway with a rope hanging around her neck. She was rescued by Flavia and brought to Dr Damiani clinic for examination.

 She is very under weight but have a great mind and heart. First she is a little shy but after 1 minute she is playing and having fun. She is a petite girl only 10 kg.

Thanks to you and your support she can stay in the hospice for treatment and a lot of love. Ombra the male English Setter loves Eve. That’s Amore.