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I have together with talented Linda, worked on a new homepage where I can put my own, and my organisation AWL together.

Time is one of the things we are hunting after desperately, so I thought adding them together would make it  all in one place. Easy to find! 

Let me know what you think!

Mia Mattsson Mercer


Mitt företag heter Änglaskär och min hemsida

Min mail är anettegylder755@
Och mobil 070-7157180.
Jag har swish till 0707157180 el PG 658730-7 och alltid förskottsbetalning .

My company is Änglaskär and this is my homepage

email me for order anettegylder755@
cell phone 0046 70-7157180.

 Ny kollektion som säljs till förmån för Animal Without Limits och det arbete de lägger ner på att hjälpa utsatta hundar i Italien och Portugal.
25% går till organisationen för varje sålt smycke

199kr / 20 euro plus shipment 

New collection sold for the benefit to Animal Without Limits and their work they put in to help vulnerable dogs in Italy and Portugal.

25% will go to the organization for each sold smycke❤

299kr /30 euro plus shipment

Pluto 199kr /20 euro plus shipment



We are very happy to tell you that Blind Mandy found a home up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mandy was found running for her life blind through heavy traffic. One volunteer, Flavia saw something was wrong and picked her up. She has been fostered in Flavias home and next year we can drive her up to her new warm loving home.

That’s Amore!


AWL would love to be better on updating our blog. We need more time and volunteers.

So to no make you  disappointed, you can follow us  on Face book Click here 

To get faster and better updates on our work with our lovely wonderful clients, join us on FB.

If you don’t have FB we do Twitter and you can follow that on this blog too.

That’s Amore!



 Nothing is more wonderful than receiving happy pictures from every adopted dog. That is when we feel “paid. We all work for free, several hours a day. Many times the hours are not so pleasent. But these pictures are fabilous. Senior Fochetta left in a horrible shelter, a volunteer smuggled her out. Now she lives a dream life in Sweden.

 MIA one of the naughty puppies, that made her earn the name “pain” Boy could that girl nibble. Now in a warm loving home in Sweden.

 MAX, charming Max, walked on base right into the vet clinic and sat down. We were lucky that a foster would take care of him until her husband came home. Well, when husband came home he fell madly in love with MAX. Lucky Max and lucky Steve. (USA/Italy)

 Rosie our love lady. Finally you got your home. SO sad waiting and hoping whenever a new person stepped into the hospice. But one day two wonderful people Thomas and Eva decided to adopt her up in Sweden. O dear what a story…and trip. –Sweden

 Capri sweet Capri, found on an airport, put in a shelter, adopted by a family. One day Capri didn’t like all the dogs and started to attack. But she got her own space and new build garage with beds–but still the family could feel she wanted a small pack. A Swedish lady came and wanted to adopt Capri

together with Philippo that had been locked in a cage for two years, isolated. Now happy together in Sweden

That’s Amore