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Skin problem

No roof

Old, old water

Skin problem.

AWL have bought medicine and together with our veterinarian we are going in to vaccinate, de worm and to prevent and cure their flies problems.

Our money is going to heal and cure, please we need more help……

Shelter Project


This is the place AWL, together with other local Italian organizations, are working on to rescue the 51 dogs lives.

As one said on Saturday when out there, “it is like a scene from ‘Pappion’, the film about a prisoner on French Guiana”. Like in the movie, these dogs did nothing to cause their incarceration — it is all man’s doing.

Good People Helping


One of the better Shelters. Watch the video below on their web site. It is in Italian, but the pictures describes better than thousands words.

Amore to them who works hard to make this place a better world for the animals.