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These females are in a Governmental/Private shelter. AWL sponsored with two sterilization’s.
Help us continue this project by donating. Please earmark Spay and Neuter Project 2012.

AWL doesn’t agree with shelters, but that doesn’t help the animals that are already in there. We are helping with spay and neuter programs. One little help that can solve big problems. That’s Amore.



400 (+/-) dogs. A few dozen cats. 6 rows of pens…. about 30 pens in each row. Concrete reflecting the Italian sun into the dogs’s cages. Endless barking. Endless soul-wrecking monotony. Food and water, but no exercise outside the cage. No mental stimulation. Each day like the one before.

Wouldn’t you cry for help, too?

Could you keep your dignity, not to mention your sanity, if you were locked in to such an environment? No end-date for your release, yet the forlorn hope that maybe, just maybe, your forever family will come through the gate and pick you… today? Tomorrow?

How long had this boy been there? No one answered. Long enough to go blind in both eyes. He knows his cage… every inch of it. He can no longer see the outside world, no longer can see at all. But in his mind, he remembers the family he once had. He remembers running in the grass and playing with “his” human-child. Will they come back for him finally? His longing fills the days and nights with a dull pain of loss and regret for a “crime” he didn’t even commit.
He was bred to hunt. Well, at least some of his bloodline was. But he’s also a familiy dog by temperment. He’d love to run with you on your morning or evening jogs, or just lay by your feet as you read. He doesn’t need much to be happy… just a human to take him away from here. A human to scratch him behind his ears occassionally, and who will smile when he gets a gentle lick on the hand from his “buddy”.

So, each time a new human comes to the shelter, he stands up to greet that human; to be on his best behavior to impress the possible forever-master. And each time the human comes and goes without taking him with him, a little bit more of his spirit dies. But, there is always tomorrow. Maybe you will be the one to come and restore his faith? To bask in his unconditional love? Tomorrow?

They are buddies in a pen with 3-4 other dogs. All smallish. They get along well, but their world is so small. They need exercise, they need to be stimulated by something other than the barking of the other, bigger dogs to their left and right, to their front and rear.

The littlest one is old now. He lost his left eye some years ago. His little legs are stiffer now. On the few cold nights, these two huddle together for a little warmth, the chill taking its toll on their souls and bodies.

Their lives shouldn’t be like this. They were both somebody’s birthday or Christmas present. But something changed… a move, a divorce, maybe the humans just got tired of the responsibility of having a pet, and forgot about their committment and the unconditional love these guys gave.

So, now they are here. Huddling together against the wet and cold, panting in the heat. Longing for the families they used to have, and aching to have again.

This old soul appears to have about given up hope. Sure, his physical needs are met, but what about his emotional well-being? He’s surrounded 24/7/365 by 400 other barking dogs. German Shepherds are very sensitive… imagine how it is for him!

Maybe he had a family once. Maybe he was abandoned when he grew up from that adorable puppy they impulsively adopted? Maybe they moved and didn’t take their “friend” with them, leaving him to fend for himself at what used to be their home? Maybe he was a guard-dog at some warehouse, kept thin and hungry in the belief it would make him guard better. We don’t know.

What a great companion he would be for somebody who doesn’t go on runs or is very active. Maybe a slow walk every now and then… together. His heart would sing with joy to have such a life after all he’s been through.

Waiting… waiting… waiting. Will a forever home ever come for this gentle soul? The odds are not in his favor. Maybe you will be his savior?

He’s lucky to have a clean bucket for his water. At too many other shelters, you’d find algea and urine in the bucket, or maybe no water at all.

Animals Without Limits is begging… BEGGING… for help to bring to these kind, trapped souls. A bag of food, a box of Frontline, some money, some time to come and give these animals a little much needed love and human contact. We are not an adoption agency, but we will certainly help facilitate adoptions for good, solid “forever” masters and families.

Amore doesn’t let their amore be in vain.



For many months I have had a worry inside of me about Grace and Cuccis’ future. You remember them from an earlier blog.

Grace’s wrists couldn’t take the winter that’s arriving since she now has arthritis, and to have to sleep outside in the cold and try to get food would be very hard on her. Even the veterinarian Dr. Gigi said so.

I got a call from two ladies, a mother and a daughter that they wanted to adopt a dog, short hair but medium to big size. I told them about the shelter with 500 dogs (where AWL organized several “dog walking missions”) and I arranged with the lady that runs the shelter for us to come when they had closed at 17.00 (due to the problem of these ladies in getting off from work)

When we arrived at the shelter, another worker opens the door claiming she didn’t know we would come at this hour. I explained that I’d called and made arrangements.

This lady was very rude and when we pointed at different dogs she said, “No, too hectic.” Well, we understand, she’s been inside a cage for a long time!

The mother and daughter said they would like to take two. How about this old guy?

“No, too old” the lady told us. (Don’t they want to adopt these dogs away?)

She told us to come back another day, maybe on the weekend … we had to go now.

I can understand that she wanted to go home, but there was another person living there. They know AWL, we have been organizing volunteering and donated food so they know we are serious.

The mother and daughter and I drove away pretty disapointed, and upset over the lady’s shortness and unwillingness to help us us to take two big dogs out from the cages. The weekend before, when I heard different speakers at the Spay conference, one had said that some shelter personal get so attached to the dogs that they don’t want to adopt them away! Could this be a factor in this otherwise unexplainable rudeness?

While driving away, going another way to the ladies’ home I suddenly see Grace and Cucci sitting by the side of the road, at a place we’ve never seen them, like waiting for something. I stop and throw myself out of the car, petting them and shouting at the same time, “What are you guys doing here?’

The ladies comes out and I tell them the whole story about these two dogs. I hear the mother say, “Can we adopt them?”

I was stunned, all the various emotions went through me, it was a miracle!

Grace and Cucci are now living together with these two wonderful heart-warming ladies, and are already getting lovely spoiled.

I could never, ever have dreamed about this. Some might say ‘It was meant to be’ ….yes I believe so too, but my heart aches when I think how happy this one energetic female at the shelter was, probably believing she had found freedom. I will never forget her eyes when she was put back into the cage again. This was a bitter sweet moment, because someone who claims she loves the dogs perhaps would never want them to find new happiness together with someone else.

Another Cleaning Mission Ahead


“Animals Without Limits” is seeking volunteers on Saturday 4th April 2009 to assist at a local animal shelter. There are approximately 121 dogs at this shelter. Many of these dogs were taken from the “terrible shelter” in Castel Volturno (read from earlier blog). Their lives are much better, and the condition of this shelter is much superior to the one before, but still it needs some help, especially with so many dogs there now.

We will seek to clean the dogs and their kennels– where these dogs are staying–.
The goal continues to be to make these dogs as adoptable as possible, and having them living in a quality environment both helps in their presentation, and in their mental attitude.

“Happy”, clean, well cared for dogs are easier to adopt, and people are more able to picture the dog in their family if he/she is clean and well behaved.

Refreshments for the volunteers will be provided, and rides can be coordinated/provided as required. Time for wet Amore!

Medicine for Project 2 of "Horrible Shelter Mission"


Animals Without Limits is very happy.

Today I received a phone call from the AWL veterinarian and she made sure that we now will have sufficient vaccination, de worming and frontline to all 50 dogs when project 2 is going off.
And, at a fantastic price!!!

Thanks to these two veterinarians (from another country), we can now go in and do our work, and get healthy non-scratching dogs.

After the project 2 is done, we will celebrate these two wonderful veterinarians with a lot of Amore. This is healthy Amore news!