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This is a protest against dog slaughter that took place last week in Castellammare di Stabia on the Faito Mount.
Many dogs were killed with machetes or poisoned. Puppies have been slaughtered by machetes.
This situation has been gone for a while over there. Now the D.A. and the Carabinieri are investigating.
The black is the color of mourning.
We declared a week of mourning trying to support the activists in Castellammare.

Ramada Halaslaughter Dahbiha


Different videos from different countries shows Islamic slaughter from Nordic blog

I do agree about what Nordic says about the West’s way of slaughtering animals is not being cute either, but for Amore sake. Why did God create us all, living souls if it wasn’t for learning how to respect each other? Sweden is one out of four countries that demand that animals have to be tranquilised before slaughter since it takes up to several minutes before the animals are losing consciousness by having their throat cut. (18 th century veterinarians started fighting to give the animals this law, 50 years later the law would finally be enacted)

I remember when I saw this happening to a lamb in front of my house in Bosnia 2001. I was not prepared to witness this terrible ritual. A little boy was standing, sucking on a lollipop, holding his mother’s hand. No reaction from the people while the lamb was laying gurgling in his own blood, slowly, slowly dying.

I fell down on my carpet begging to my God for the lamb to die quickly. The people downstairs were begging to their God for the lamb as a gift to him.

I don’t know who’s God listened!

Painful Amore!