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My beloved Leah got a nasty aggressive tumor on her inside of her leg. In a short time it grew and opened up.

Our veterinarian examined her and despite her older age we decided to have it removed. Its uncomfortable for her now and it will probably be painful for her in a while. While she is sedated they will check her with ultra sound.
Leah got a very strong heart and a fabulous personality! 

Our Senior three legged Angelo got a horrible infection in his nose. Antibiotic and painkiller for him.

The lady ChaCha had to go to the veterinarian too, for a lot of different blood tests. I know something is not correct inside of her. Also, our veterinarian told us she need to lose weight. 56kg!!!

We don’t know how we are going to do that!!! She is on 2 small cups of dry food every day, and she got her own personal trainer (walker) Hm! Maybe I need to follow them during their walks to see if they really are walking and not by a fast food restaurant!

Never be Afraid of Adopting a Senior


This is Angelo!

He was found in south Italy with a broken front leg and broken jaw! It was an old damage from probably a car accident. He had self healed and we had to amputate his leg. Amazing Angelo was also a Senior Dog full of life and dominance No dogs could ever be in charge over Angelo. He also was very fast despite only three legs.
He has been in my Senior Sanctuary Care for  4-5 years and he is still very fast and full of joy. He climbs the stairs fantastic however down we have to carry him.
Despite small dog he still jumps up the couch by himself.
So much love and fire. We love him
Never be afraid of adopting a Senior 
That’s Anore!

Grooming time


It was so great to have Judith here working on Angelo’s long hair. Senior Angelo looks so adorable now like a puppy. 

Stella did everything to get in between. 



 We wrote about Angelo before, a lovely senior dog that was found by a family on the streets in the garbage. He had a self healed broken leg that he was laying and chewing on. He was in discomfort.
The family took him in and wanted to make the best for Angelo. AWL sponsored the amputation, cleaning the teeth and blood test.

 Here is sweet Angelo happy home rolling in the grass. The family told me that you could se a big change in his mood, he is much happier now.

 Thank you Dr Damiani & Team for everything.

Sponsors because of you we can save animals from discomfort and pain. You are making a big difference. Thank you.

That’s Amore.



Angelo was rescued by an American family down in Southern Italy. His front leg was damaged and he couldn’t walk on it. Every day he licked and nibbled on it. AWL got a request from the family if we could help with Angelo’s surgery?

Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco made the surgery this week and everything went super. Even after three days is ANgelo up walking and wagging his tail.

We got so much to learn from our four-legged friends.

He is up for adoption to a five star family, but the foster family will have him in their home until we find that family. (Angelo is house broken)