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 Our little sunshine Otto is getting stronger and stronger, and tomorrow is his big day for surgeries.
He will be castrated and one back leg will be amputated. Send your prayers for our little boy.

 Otto was hit by a car and left to die on the boiling hot street. The cars didn’t stop, quiet the opposite they were irritated that he was laying there.  His stray mother with other puppies were standing by the side road worried.  One man stopped, and Otto was brought over to AWL. We found a wonderful foster mom Nicky Mormino.

 As you can see in all the pictures, Otto is a wild and happy little boy, playing and playing with all possible friends that come his way. He is like the monkey:  Curious George.

 You cannot believe the speed he has on the three legs, even dragging his bad leg along.  His forth leg is damaged after the accident and has no ability to be used, its more in the way for him, but it doesn’t seem like he even realizes he is different.

 Sleep over party is the best thing that Otto knows…..

 …and hoarding his soft animals.

His surgery will be very difficult and demands many hours and hands. Otto and AWL asks you to kindly help us with donations for his approximately 800 euro vet bill.

We do have PAYPAL on this blog;  and on our Swedish site we have our bank account information to accept transfers in the European way.

Help us pay for giving Otto an easier life, he is so full of LOVE.

That’s Amore!



 We wrote about Angelo before, a lovely senior dog that was found by a family on the streets in the garbage. He had a self healed broken leg that he was laying and chewing on. He was in discomfort.
The family took him in and wanted to make the best for Angelo. AWL sponsored the amputation, cleaning the teeth and blood test.

 Here is sweet Angelo happy home rolling in the grass. The family told me that you could se a big change in his mood, he is much happier now.

 Thank you Dr Damiani & Team for everything.

Sponsors because of you we can save animals from discomfort and pain. You are making a big difference. Thank you.

That’s Amore.



Angelo was rescued by an American family down in Southern Italy. His front leg was damaged and he couldn’t walk on it. Every day he licked and nibbled on it. AWL got a request from the family if we could help with Angelo’s surgery?

Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco made the surgery this week and everything went super. Even after three days is ANgelo up walking and wagging his tail.

We got so much to learn from our four-legged friends.

He is up for adoption to a five star family, but the foster family will have him in their home until we find that family. (Angelo is house broken)



This is Angelo, he is +10 years old– we think. He was rescued by Family Callahan  when they saw he was injured and “hobbling” around on the streets. Dr Damiani explained that Angelo had radial nerve palsy and couldn’t use his leg. We d

ecided to try antibiotics, Vitamin B injections and some physical therapy to see if we could get any function back. So far nothing. It has been agreed that the only solution is amputation. 

Tomorrow Angelo will have his leg amputated since he is liking and seems to be very bothered of his “hanging” leg.
AWL would like to sponsor this surgery to give Angelo his quality life back. Family Callahan have promised that he can stay and heal. Angelo is no barker, he is house broken, great with other dogs, cats and small children.

Please make it happen and help us with donations. The surgery will cost around 500-600 euro. Ear mark it “Angelo” or leave an envelope at SS vet clinic. Thank you for helping us helping the animals getting a quality life. That’s Amore.