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This is What we Do


 This is what we do; find, evaluate, treat, love, medicine, family

That’s Amore!
Look with your eyes, brain and heart heart emoticon not only eyes.
The year 2009We found her locked into a construction site. There were people but no one gave her food. I put on my black tights and black hood and got her out. She pooped grass.
I took her to a veterinarian who screamed that we had to euthanize this dog. It was probably full of diseases!
I don’t keep animals alive only to have them suffering, but I know that sometimes we have a tendency to look too much with our eyes.
The vet then said, this dog would cost a lot of money medical wise. It was cheaper to euthanize the dog.
I refused. My mind and heart said something else.
We changed veterinarian. Tests were being made…no diseases!
I found a family, a fantastic family.
They never had any excuses to leave her behind even if they moved around the world.
No excuse even when they got a child.
Still today, I get pictures of Brandy, she is aging full of love.
Thank you to all of you who dare to support AWL projects and missions. You are a big part of this story.
Thank you always to you Blessilda and Husband Simpson heart emoticon

Mia Mattsson-Mercer


This is Friki from Toscana, Italy. You can see she is not a big dog, 15 kg.
She was abandon by her family. After 4 years they didn’t have time anymore.
She has been in the shelter for 6 months and doesn’t understand what she did wrong?

She is loving and affectionate, she is constantly searching for contact. Sometimes she can become a little jealous since she is afraid of being replaced. Right now she is living together with other dogs.

She is sterilized, vaccinated, leichmania and heart-worm tested = negative.

For more information contact; Mia

 Sweet Olivia, soon to be one year old from Toscana Italy. She was found on the streets scared and lonely. Olivia is a small dog only 7 kg.

She is adorable and a little lovely brat and not afraid of anything. She is a dog with energy and would love to go to dog school. Olivia love attention and to be cuddled, a lovely friend to snuggle with and be out hiking with.

Olivia is steralized, vaccinate and tested for leischmania and heart-worm = negative

She can go to the perfect home: Northern Italy, Germany and Sweden

For more info contact;

 They call her Neve, that means snow in Italian.
Her owner took her one night and threw her over a fence into a small open shelter with dogs inside. The dogs attacked her.
Neve is 1 year old and full of love. Sensitive and need a warm family/person that will see her in her eyes and promise she can stay.
She will this week be sterilized, vaccinated and tested for leischmania.

She can go to the perfect home in Italy, Germany or Sweden.

For more info;

Baglico was found outside a gypsy camp in Portugal, disoriented and with burns in his face.

He had got acid splashed to his face. Wonderful volunteers brought him to the veterinarian for treatment. Today he is doing fine however he needs a home before the cold winter is coming.
A house with a fenced in garden would be genial. Calm loving family, maybe an older person.
Balgico is calm and sweet, only 25 cm and 7/8kg.
Tested negative for leischmania and heart-worm.

Can go to the perfect home in Germany and Sweden
For more information contact Mia;

Me and My Mother Rescuing Animals Together


You can read the whole story By CLICKING HERE

Veckans krönika är skriven av Olivia, min dotter. Hur det är att rädda djur tillsammans med mig. Det var verkligen intressant (och nervöst) att fa ta del i hennes tankar och känslor. Hoppas ni gillar Olivias (10 ar gammal) första krönika. heart emoticon
Olivia 10 years old wrote her first column for Magazine Tidningen Nära how it is to help her mom rescuing animals. An honest and warm story about her firecracker mom. Hope you enjoy it 



 Alla hundar har rätt till ett gott liv

I ett villaområde nere i södra Italien hotades ett vackert hundpar till livet. Känslorna var delade bland husägarna angående de två hemlösa hundarna. Någon hade tidigare krossat schäfer-flickan Mayas framben med ett basebollträ.

Sebastian, en vacker rottweiler, skyddade och ordnade mat åt Maya varje dag.
Mayas skador hade fått självläkas och under kyliga dagar fick hon stora problem med att gå.

 Min dotter Olivia och jag matade och medicinerade hundarna. 
Jag pratade med personer i området, men hot att ta bort hundarna därifrån haglade starkare för varje dag. Ingen ville adoptera två stora hundar av dessa raser, som dessutom var gatuhundar. 

En dag kontaktade en amerikansk kvinna och hennes vuxna dotter mig, för de ville gärna adoptera en hund från ett shelter. Vi körde tillsammans till ett ställe med 500 hundar. Men varje gång kvinnorna sa att de ville adoptera någon av hundarna fick de ett blankt nej av personalen. Volontärerna hade hela tiden en åsikt om varför mamman och dottern inte kunde adoptera just de hundarna. 

Tillslut tröttnade vi och gick frustrerade därifrån.

 Vägen till mammans och dotterns hem var avstängd, så vi fick köra en annan längre väg. Plötsligen såg jag två hundar sittandes vid vägrenen. Jag stirrade ut genom mitt sidofönster och mumlade: ”Det kan inte vara sant!” 

Där, långt hemifrån, satt hundarna Maya och Sebastian och väntade på oss! Sittandes vid vägrenen som två liftare, väntandes på att bli upplockade. Jag stannade bilen, hoppade ur och sa förvånat: ”Men vad gör ni här, så långt hemifrån?!” 

Mamman och dottern stod nu bakom mig och undrade: ”Men kan vi inte adoptera dessa två hundar?” Jag trodde inte mina öron. 
”Menar ni allvar?”, frågade jag häpet. 

Vi öppnade bildörren och lyfte in både Sebastian och Maya, som inte gjorde något motstånd.

Jag var överlycklig! 

Allting gick över mina förväntningar. Mamman och dottern flyttade från Italien till England och bor numera i Texas, USA. Naturligtvis följde Maya och Sebastian med sin familj runt om i världen. 

Universum har planer för oss alla. Både för människor och djur. Vi ser kanske inte alltid helheten utan livet är som en spiraltrappa, i konstant flöde. 

Sebastian och Maya visste att vi skulle komma den vägen, just den dagen. De väntade lugnt och tålmodigt i harmoni tillsammans med Universums planer. Deras framtid var på väg mot dem, när vi kom i den silvergrå bilen.

That’s Amore!



 This is a wonderful family that adopted Moose from southern Italy. Moose is now living in Sweden and doing fantastic. Its a sporty and active family so Moose gets a lot of activities.

 He is a food-thief. Food from the counter or table when the family is turning their back on him. But what amazes me is that they just laugh and write on Instagram “Guess its Pizza tonight, Moose eat the chicken” They also send me short messages with pictures now and then, and I cannot help but laugh.

They are teachers, and this great sign was one of his co-workes gift to “dad”

That’s Amore!