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I got a phone call from a good friend who asked if we could help a wonderful woman named Giulia who rescue many dogs. She goes in to horrible shelters and takes out the worst cases she can see and brings them to the small shelter she has, and then takes care of them and tries to find home for them.

She doesn’t get any help with money from anyone.

Above picture is Frank, him and his furry friend Lilly (below picture) were adopted by an American lady. We found out she is not bringing them with her to the States, but they still have her microchip.

Thanks to the microchip I was able to find her….hopefully this week we will get her side of the story.

Giulia the Italian lady, is doing a great job, but of course like every animal rescuer, walking on her knees without help and support. She doesn’t even have water out there, she has to drive every day with gallons of water for them. And she lives 30 minutes away.

She never complained over her situation to me, I had to ask questions about the two American dogs, the shelter situation etc.

Luckily I had some donated dog food bags in my car, and gave it to her. What a lady!

She asked for help to Wall-e, who had problems walking and bleeding from his nose, his little body was hot from fever. (Read and watch the video in earlier blogs)

Martina is a mutual friend and was the one who called me and told about Giulia and Wall-e.

Giulias dogs are wonderful. Loving and kind.

This is Frank! He is still having all the American tags on his collar, and still microchip on former owner. No transferring paper has ever been made, only a note to the vet. “been adopted”

How can a dog be adopted away with the former owners name inplanted? Do you do the same when you sell a car?

This wonderful goofy guy is the shelter clown…what a guy.

I made this fantastic lady a promise, that AWL is going to help her.

With food, medicine, and try to find forever homes.

She is doing a difficult work she is saving lifes.

Do you know what….she even volunteers for a shelter with 500 dogs…I saw her there cutting rescue dogs furs. And like I wrote earlier….she goes into the horrible shelters rescuing dogs like Wall-e with several bone fractures on his pelvic. She is a true Amore lady.

This is Lilly! Please help us…to show the Italian volunteers that we, International people are not that bad! Lets work together, for Lilly and Frank!

AWL helps with adoption of abandoned puppy


Three puppies were left on this Signora’s street, and would have faced a hard life if not taken care off. This little guy, “Tommy”, was adopted by an Italian family that simply adores him.

He is a sweet heart.

AWL’s Dr. Inga did the vaccination and a regular check up just to find out he is doing great.

A donation from the lady that adopted Tommy was gladly accepted so we can continue to help others that are not so fortunate. Thank you so Amore much.

Good Luck Tommy!

AWL – Shelter Cleaning Mission


Animals Without Limits mobilized volunteers from the US Navy and NATO communities here to help clean another area shelter and take care of the dogs there. This shelter was in much better condition than the “terrible shelter” in January, but had taken in many of those “terrible shelter” dogs, filling the shelter beyond designed capacity.

Thank you all great volunteers for today’s mission. You did all a truly wonderful job.
Kristine, Rosa with boyfriend, Keegan, Jackie with neighbor. Siron and Brown, great job!

Dareen did an excellent grooming job, cutting the fur.

Vania and her husband with friends (3), you did a tough job very well.
Cleaning and brushing the dogs. Washing their cages and houses. Many were emotionally touched by the dogs and we hope we gave them a sunny day. They sure gave us a lot of Amore.
The dog “Fiora” was quickly everyone’s favorite. Abandoned with her brother by their English owner when they moved to Hawaii (actually left them in their vacant apartment!!). She is around two years-old and so affectionate and well behaved. This dog truly deserves an owner to love forever!

Sarah and Bruce making lunch for the dogs.

In total, the team finished cleaning and taking care of approximately 70 dogs, and cleaning their cages (around 20). We plan to go out again in 3 weeks to finish the job, and hopefully power-wash the pens as well.