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We named him Fluke.
He is maybe 6 months old, found roaming around in Lago Patria, scared by cars and other strange noises around him. You could tell right away he was someones pet.
He got a collar, but no microchip or other tags. You can tell he is not a stray!

He is a puppy that someone didn’t teach manners. He is loved, but has no style. That is not a problem since Fluke is a fast learner. He was not used to other dogs, scared he entered my whole pack who think he has no manners.

He wants so badly to be next to you, not annoying but to be assured you wont leave. He hates to be alone.

Every morning he goes with the children to the bus stop, he loves the attention. And when the kids goes on the bus, he wants to join.

Reward to any kind of information. If he is abandoned I want to know so we can start the process of advertising him for adoption. Please, for Fluke’s future.



She is very old, maybe 15, blind, arthritic, some little mammary tumors…we are waiting for blood tests results.

Someone threw her in a ditch!

A veterinarian was out with her dog and found her in the ditch covered with water almost dead.

We named her Sunday Rose, and tomorrow she will join the others at AWL rehab/hospice.

This will be Amore.



“UPDATE: She is getting her complete health check and spaying this weekend, and will be adoptable Monday. She is absolutely adorable and friendly with other dogs. Nothing but tail wags!”



This is sweet Abby, she was dumped at a gas station, with an infection in her body and full of fleas. Shivering and cold, she tried to stay warm, she tried to lay under cars! Blankets were put out for her trying to give her some comfort. AWL’s Jackie has been there, giving her food and water. And when Benjamin was moved to his foster-home, his kennel cage was cleaned out and new blankets were put in.

Jackie is a volunteer that can get the strays calm and they trust her, she is a joy to work with and has very good experiences. Today we picked Abby up and drove her to Dr Damiani for a health check up, since Jackie had found a foster-home for Abby. Abby is so wonderful she sat in my lap during the car ride. At the veterinarian, she laid on the examination table trusting Jackie, she trusted us both so much.

We found a microchip but when searching on the computer, there was no match. We will have to wait until next week to call ASL. She got antibiotics for her infection, and we de-wormed and frontlined her. Dr Damiani explained everything so well and I love when he explains and even pulls out books and shows pictures. Thank you, Dr Damiani for helping and giving us so much of your time.

Jackie drove and let Abby off at her new foster-home. Thank you Tiffany with family for opening your home to Abby.

Jackie thank you for your generous donation. You already do so much! Amore Tutti



We named her Lucy!

She was tied up at a dark cold, gas station, abandoned by a person that she thought was her best friend. She still has her little pink collar on. She is not one year old yet and my gut tells me the person that dumped her is International. Tomorrow hopefully I will know if I am right or not.

She is so sweet and craving for attention. Jackie brought her a ball and she started to play with it immediately. We had to put Lucy in the very cleaned out kennel/cage were Benjamin had been staying. But this is crazy. She is not even a stray, she was dumped by her own owner!

Please I truly need your help. Adoption, Foster home if not, please help with donations since now the owners are dumping their pets on AWL — I don’t know what to do. This is so selfish and cruel! It is true: a person’s true colors are shown in how he treats his pet!

Please help me turn this around, to show that there are carrying responsible owners, and animal lovers.