Animals Without Limits

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Third, the Acupuncture​ came



Amazingly reaction on all three rescue horses.

Katarina Zimmermann came out to the stable to examined Miracle, Rihanna, and GummiBear, our rescue horses. They got their acupuncture treatments to activate their energy flow chi, and to help their parts, or organs that needed more flow/healing.

Miracle was playing with his tongue and became more and more relaxed. Rihanna was first on her big curiosity toes, but after a short time also relaxed. GummiBear, with quite some problems, I think reacted right away on the treatment.

He looked so much younger–it was his eyes that got the life sparkle.

Afterward, they got to relax the whole day in their big boxes.

The next day, all three had increased their energy. It was amazing to see them in action. That quickly!

I had to find myself a good acupuncture for humans. Of course, I know animals react much faster than many of us humans. However, that energy flow I truly would like to receive myself.

That’s Amore!


Thank you, Katrin Zimmermann, for your expertise and support for AWL rescue horses.


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