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American Swedish non profit organisation



 The Swedish team: Pia Wallin, Ulrika Johansson and Maria Lagerbeck, together with a big team of sponsors from Sweden, are delivering a very Merry Christmas to the Hospice Seniors and Volunteers.

We (AWL) are overwhelmed by the enormous generosity and love that has been sent down to us. The “Three Wise Women” started the charity just one month ago. Every day they worked like caffeinated elves to reach out to as many people as possible in Sweden.

Amazingly, many wonderful animal-friends opened their hearts and wallets for our Mission Hospice Seniors. But maybe that isn’t so amazing?

We are forever thankful and we will make updates here.
A total of 18570 SEK = ~1857 euro
– 15360 SEK earmarked for ordering required items on
– 3210 SEK earmarked for electricity

The AWL team and I thank you for your love, passion and compassion towards our “old team.”

 The delivery is starting to come to the Hospice. It became a wonderful New Year gift

 Therapeutic beds for Seniors dog and 2 bags of dry food Hypoallergenic Royal Canin to our Seniors with food allergy.

More food….and beds. Wonderful, we couldn’t be more happy.

That’s Amore!

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