Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



 Wonderful volunteers had made such a great work with the decorations

 Baking and making candy

 Carving Pumpkins

 Dog bone Decoration

 Italian guests and Lady had her room full of visitors. Lady is 5 years old and suffering from ascites. She has probably only 4-8 months left. She is not suffering, her tail is always going 100km/hour

 Everybody were busy eating and many were busy begging…..

 Volunteer Chiara in second thoughts if she should leave her broom and take a taxi home.

 Italian discussions…..

 Some Amore to LOVE

 Ok, shut up and turn off the light….Bella and Mamma Rosie




 Maybe I fit in this bed…all the beds are taken 😉

 Pillow over my head….go home!

 No Night food?

 Happy Halloween from AWL

 and lovely volunteers Martina and Flavia.

 Handmade gifts…..

Headache…now fly away!

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