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SWEET LOVELY LADY is new to our Hospice. She is wagging her tail like a propeller. She was born in a horrible shelter with 400 dogs in cages, cold concrete floors. Never got to go outside, no green grass.
For five years!!!
She got a heart problem and also ascites(the big belly) that makes it difficult for her to go. She got terrible wounds on her backleg after laying on cold/damp hard floor.
Thanks to your support she know is in our Hospice, warm lovely dog bed and plenty of people that love her. She is adorable.
Due to all her medicines she got really bad diarrhea.

This is what we need for Lady;
Benakor 20mg
Cardisure 50mg
Predilactone 40mg
Coractiv perle
Bactroban 2% unguento
Then puppy pads
And ID HILLS wet and dry

Please help us help her with having a good life. She is constantly under veterinarian control.

She is a happy spirit, that we want to give a quality life before she wants something else.

Please donate today…..

That’s Amore!

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