Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



 AWL is enormously grateful for all the help we are getting to make life easier and better for our Seniors. We also do Spay and Neuter projects.  Otto our Miracle dog got his leg amputated and at the same time having him neutered. Many hears about our hard and great work, and of course that gives us more work. WE love it!
But that means we are always in need of donations. Our latest girl Lady, only five years old, is very sick and need a lot of medicines. Despite her tragic life is she a very happy dog. More updates on her will come. But I want to thank you all, YOU are the ones that makes a difference.

Chiara Varriale Italy/USA
Tracey Kleber, USA
Michele Smith, USA
Vian Delsoz, Sweden
Solveig Qvam, Sweden
Tracey L Nettles, USA
Helen Dale, USA
Pia Wallin with Swedish Friends (divano)….picture is coming tomorrow!
Tracey Matthews, USA

More to come…….

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