Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



There are many Angels walking on this Earth. Some are being seen, some are invisible….but I have the honor to met them and tell their story. Together with her husband Joe, they make differences out on the fields.
She is a very colorful woman, with strong opinions that can make some people jump when she expresses them. But at the same time, many like her attitude towards life since it shows her great way of honesty. She has a pure animal heart, and has rescued several dogs.
Jolene is another driving Angel in Naples, Italy. Maybe she doesn’t think that about herself, but the Universe sure does. In Naples, most everyone lives close to a trash dump, and that is like a big smorgasbord for the strays. Many fights between the strays — the weaker and stronger, new and old — can start since it’s a great place to find food. International people think it’s a horrible view, but for the dogs they chuckle when the ladies are dragging out their bags of dry food — they have nice, moist, soft food and plenty!
Dry food when there is no shortage of pizza!
Around where Jolene lives there are living many strays, and she keeps an eye on them. She knows them very well. Jolene cannot count them since they are to many, but she tries to make sure they are all okay. One day, not long ago she saw a medium sized dog, with a very thick, rough fur, not looking very well at all. She just knew; she felt it inside of her.
For her, it felt like a thought coming in her head, for the Universe it was sent as an instruction to her, to be able to read the dog’s energies. She just knew.
The dog was in severe discomfort, and he had wounds that she cleaned every day when she went there. She fed him. But her gut told her that something was even more wrong. He couldn’t put weight on one of his legs. Was it broken?
She named him Chewy.
Chewy was matted and dirty, but despite all the pain he was enduring, still very friendly. Her heart ached out of passion for this little man who trusted her with his whole soul.
She washed him off and drove quickly to Dr. Damiani’s clinic. Chewy had a microchip and they contacted the “dog department”. It seemed that the “dog department” — ASL — neutered and released back on the street again, had picked up the dog. It’s a way for them to control and statistically know how many dogs they have neutered and when; but it doesn’t help the strays themselves very much. But what made their heart freeze was when they looked at the x-rays. They showed Chewy had been shoot several times with a bb gun and once with a small caliber gun, like a 22. She tried to get over these facts when she heard Dr. Damiani say that Chewy also had bone cancer, and it was an aggressive one.
Jolene turned to her husband and told him they couldn’t send Chewy back on the streets. Her husband saw the love in her eyes and heart, and as he had many times before — he supported her. With a bag of pain medicine and Chewy under her wings they went home. She knew his time was very limited on this Earth but that didn’t scare her at all, even if she cried inside for him.
Jolene kneeled down on Chewy’s orthopedic dog bed that she had arranged in their bedroom. She took his little chin up and looked him in the eyes; “I will love you and give you a family until you tell me that you have to go on your final journey. Ok?”
Jolene told me he sleeps a lot but wags his tail. They carry him up the stairs when its time to go to bed at night. A few times he has played with their other dog, Clifford. On other days he likes to sit in the garden looking right out as if he was the master watching and observing all in his domain. That finally his heart and mind were at peace, and he could enjoy his last time on Earth as someone’s pet.
That’s Amore

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