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We have followed this beautiful girl and her rescue mom back in the States for quiet some time. We have laughed and shared about her beautiful fight, but now we cry.
You touched so many hearts and forgave even more hearts. Thank you Rosie for teaching many people what true love is, and forgiveness. That’s Amore! RIP

UPDATE on ROSIE, born in the worst of puppy mills in USA Feb, 2010, and rescued in June, 2012, the little tenacious survivor enjoyed a REAL life of love for just a bit over a year. Last night, she left us…
From Everything Rosie:

“Rosie developed pneumonia and because of her abnormal trachea, it progressed so quickly that I lost her at 9:28 pm tonight. She was in my arms and I was holding her tightly willing her to stay. I am devastated and destroyed. My whole world was that little girl and I don’t know how to carry on even though I have to for the sake of the other dogs in my home. I am going to have her cremated tomorrow. Eddie is in India and is devastated as well. I am not announcing this right now. I don’t even want to live without her let alone try to explain that to anyone else. I am lost without my girl.”

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