Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Let me tell you humans something.
I am LOVE, and I am a Senior dog at the Hospice Casa dell”Amore. I was someones pet for 10 years. For 10 long years did I love them unconditional, I followed and was loyal. Then one day, my family drove me to a horrible place, with a lot of strangers, diseases and noise from hundreds of other dogs. They left without saying anything, the last thing I saw were their backs.
Some would say that it would have been best for me to be put down to sleep. At that time I got depressed and sick. Then, one day some Angels came and drove me to this house without cages, without a lot of noise and full of love. Slowly I came out of my depression and started to trust you humans again, thanks to all the volunteers.
If I can do it, you can do it. Never lose faith in love.
I want to thank you ALL people that help keep the Hospice going. You are making a huge difference, You are giving life back, and gives inspiration to many other people.
Thank you for giving me a second chance, I love you
(yes its me in the picture)

 LOVE dumped in the shelter

LOVE at our Hospice

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