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Love, light and laughter were the big ingredient at the big Party held by wonderful friends Malte and Sabine von Vultejus.
A weekend up in North East Germany at the Country Hotel Loch Mill in the wine valley of Mayschoss the Ahr.  It’s a beautiful little town, with a lot of fantastic wine, and history.
Sabine and Malte were celebrating their 10thanniversary and 50th Birthdays in this romantic place.
I met Sabine and Malte during our Italian time; she was one of my first true friends. Her love for animals and spiritualism brought us together. With her, I always knew she was true, her honesty could sometimes be painfully true, but she always helped me grow as a person. Supporting and Loving. She told me some important words already back then; “You will always met the same person twice in life, make the best out of your meeting.” Even today, I hear those words inside my heart.
She and her great husband, Malte, decided to request their guest not give them any presents for their celebration, but instead they requested a donation to Animals Without Limits and another great animal assistance organization, Lega Pro Animale.
What a fantastic gesture!

We arrived Friday evening, and the BBQ was waiting at this fantastic hotel.   It was a great venue and location to renew old friendships, and make new ones.
The next morning after breakfast we all walked to the famous Ahr “inwinzer” Jean Stodden winery, for a tour and winetasting.

The main party, on Saturday evening was held on a terrace and all guests gathered for a welcome drink.  Sabine introduced AWL and even gave Lyme disease (Borrelia) a face in her introduction speech. I was so touched that of course when it was my turn to talk about AWL, everything I thought to say had disappeared. So, I spoke from my heart.
A gorgeous dinner room, romantic with silver chandler and round tables, colors in Burgundy and gold. A children’s table was set up in the same room, which only shows their love to bring everyone together, whatever the age.
Sabine and Malte, you are amazing friends and the biggest, purest hearts for all living creatures. Always with a smile, laughing when the children come shouting and chasing each other. Always a suggestion on what to do, never stress or irritation. To meet your family and friends made it a fantastic weekend and at Sunday morning’s breakfast, you announced that your thoughtful generosity in requesting donations instead of gifts, generated a total of 1500 euro for the two organizations!
My heart took some extra happy jumps, and for the AWL TEAM we all applaud you and Malte for the “grande Amore.”
That’s Amore

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