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Heaven has now received a small little dog with a “grande” personality that charmed his way into many hearts. At the Hospice, he was our Mini-Diablo but sometimes with an Angel’s personality. He knew how to Rock’n’Roll we volunteers to serve and love him. I liked him a lot, because he showed you right away if he liked YOU or not. In the beginning with many volunteers he loved to scare them, and then, win them over to his side.
He was very sick but always amazed us by recovering fast. He was the first dog that could faint and scare us volunteers to drive him to the veterinarian. Then he woke up, looking at us wondering why we starred at him — like we had seen a ghost.
Poe was something! He had his very own “Brentwood, Los Angeles, USA” sponsor, Craig Kleber that made sure that all his medical bills were taken care of.  He had his special VIP driver for his veterinarian check ups, and he adored his driver in life; Angelina.
His story started one rainy night some time ago.  From a car window our volunteer Martina yelled to her boyfriend to stop the car. She saw a little black shadow curled up trying to stay out of the cold rain.  She could sense through the window that something was not correct.  She ran out and picked him up.  She asked if he could be a hospice client?
Mr. Edgar Poe became quickly the rehab’s big martyr, to show some dogs that he hated them (always the bigger ones) and to some people he just got crazy.  In reality, Poe was a tiny, sickly, miniature Pinscher but had an ego of a Doberman.  He loved the volunteers, Martina, Pio, Sara, Sharon, Lori, Valeri, Sandra, Ivan, Abby, Chiara. But Angie was his most favorite!
A Swedish friend who earlier had adopted a handicapped dog from us asked to adopt him. We thought it was a lovely joke but after many conversations we understood that  she and her husband were serious.
Poe was very sick with a heart problem (we had a heart specialist examine him); he had leichmania; fluid in his lungs; and a small tumor in his anus.  Knowing all this, they still wanted to take him into their home and their hearts.  We were a little nervous about their two small, old, grumpy ladies (dogs) but they said they would work on it. I have known Maria for many years, she had a great reputation for working as a psychologist with dogs.  We decided to give Poe a chance to have a forever home, for as long as he had left.  This was the right family for him. 
I drove down to Campania, Italy and picked him, along with some other dogs who had homes in Germany and Sweden. He stayed with my family and me for two days, and then was off to Sweden on the final leg of his journey. He hated all my dogs and had to be kept separate. Ulla our Swedish volunteer (together with Vian) drove down 20 hours, stayed over night, then drove 20+ hours back up to Sweden.  Poe and the others were real troopers in the car.  Poe was quiet and lovely in the car, only barking if he made an accident in his travel cage.
Maria with family had loved Poe for a long time via pictures and stories. At 0400 in the morning they got him in their arms. He was great with the grumpy ladies, and as Poe always does…he showed whom he didn’t like right away.  It took him 10 days to settle in and after those days he was his old charmer. He guarded the kitchen when dinnertime came around.  He loved to drink coffee (true Italian) with his new mom.  He could dive into her big cup so Maria had always to make sure it was room temperature coffee so he wouldn’t burn his little tongue.  They fenced in their garden for him so he could walk in and out every day.  He had his forever home!
Unfortunately, just a couple of days ago he started to get very ill.  The veterinarian (on a home visit) said he wouldn’t have much time left.  Yesterday, Poe decided that he would pack his little heart full with Earthly memories and leave us all with broken hearts.  Never had the family imagined he would leave them this fast, already he was so entrenched in their hearts. 
Poe had no doubt that he was special and was so thankful to Martina and Pio who saw him that rainy, cold day and took action.   Likewise to Casa dell Amore, that brought him in and to all his fans and volunteers. But most important, he died in his own families’ arms, knowing that he was loved.
RIP, Mr. Poe.

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