Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



 Franka got high blood pressure and worried us. Off to Dr Vittorio for a check up. Martina and Pio drove three dogs for different reasons.

 Franka loves to travel in the car. Isn’t amazing that a beautiful girl like this, that has been locked in a cage since 2003 is this wonderful lovely?

We have so much to learn.

 Well, what we got here?

Martina and Pio rescued this little boy, 5 months old and only 6 kg from a horrible life on the streets. They are fostering him until we can find the perfect home.
He got vaccination shots, de wormed and health checked. He was super sweet. Dixi is fantastic with other dogs, big and small and love people. If you are interested in adopting him write to

 Minnie our sweet Minnie, finally got her mammary glance tumors and the uterus ( was in horrible condition) taken away. She was used as a breeding machine for 13 years, then thrown out in a garden together with a energetic puppy. Minnie was so depressed and in bad condition. I can assure you know that she is everyones favorite and doing wonderful. Good news….a wonderful family is waiting for her.

That’s Amore!

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