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 Mr. President Before and After.

He is looking for a new office…..
He is an amazing little man, and I’d really like to see him find his perfect family. This is his story. About six months ago I noticed that a shaggy black dog was helping the gate guards at the entrance to Carney park Italy. He could always be seen laying near the guard shack. I nearly never went to Carney Park without seeing him. The guards affectionately named him “Mr. President”. About two months ago, I noticed his absence and asked the guards where he had gone. They didn’t know. I heard comments from other park goers about seeing him in the park with an injury and limp. About two weeks later he was again at the gate, this time with two separate sets of stitches for either a mauling or a brush with an automobile. It was very very cold and rainy and he was shivering uncontrollably in the weather, and the wounds were open to infection. I took him home. At the time, he could not navigate up or down the single stair required to get to the grass to pee. He immediately went to sleep and slept for what seemed like days. After about a week, I noticed that he was moving better up and down stairs, had a nice strong appetite, and his expression in the face looked happier. I got him a haircut, vaccinations, deworming, neutering (with your help- thank you AWL) and began looking for a home for him. He did a home trial with a woman who was interested in him, but she decided to return him to me. Since then, he has fattened up, had another clipping (He looks like a full bred wire hair daschund!) and become a big personality in our house. He gets along with cats, dogs, and little boys (I have two), and has excellent manners in the home. He has never had an accident, rarely barks, and always greets you with a wagging tail and a little daschund dance. He is between 5-7 years old according to Dr. Longo. He has some grey in the face– but I think he has some great and happy years to spend with a family that is ready to love him.

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