Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



 Olivia and I started our mission trip from Southern Germany, and took our first break in Switzerland. It is gorgeous there. Olivia decided that she would build her own farm there, and I could drive down from Germany visiting her, whenever I wanted.

 We drove to Northern Italy to a home were they also love animals, especially those that are in extra need of care. Like the German Shepard, Lena from Serbia. Lena was hit by a tram and lost her front-leg, also some parts from her other two legs. Its amazing to see how fantastic Lena can run in the grass, even faster than me. Her spirit is so high and loving.

 Olivia had a wonderful time, playing with new dogs.

 Federica and her mother Tittie are wonderful mother and daughter. Before leaving they packed my SUV full with cleaning material, like brooms, mops, detergent, soap, garbage bags, wipes and dog food. What an amazing family! Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity. That’s Amore.

Thank you Sonja Persson Sweden, for sponsoring the gasoline down to Italy. You are an amazing lady!

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