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 We got an e-mail from a foster family who had taken in the puppy NATO, preventing him from being thrown out on the street again. But they can not have him in their small apartment. He is a huge puppy, 23 kg (that’s about 50 pounds!) already and harassing like all brats will, their small little dog, and he loves to corner their cat. Without a forever home — quickly — NATO could end up in a shelter.

 Let’s back up! A young man adopts this puppy, brings him in his quarters, puts him in a kennel-crate all day while he’s at work. NATO got out and into the kitchen, dragged out stuff, tore stuff up like only a puppy can do. The guy was not happy and threatened to throw NATO out on the streets. This foster family said no to that idea, and took NATO in.  Unfortunately, the housing authority says they can’t have a third animal.  So he has to go 😦

 NATO is searching for a new, real, forever home, with routines, not being left alone since he has developed separation anxiety.  This will be taken care of with love and the training he needs. He is a handful, but a handful of adventures and love.

 We think he is a mix of Swiss Mountain dog (and something else), and no he is not housebroken yet!

But all shots are up to date!

Will you be NATO’s angel and bring him to his forever home with you?  That would be Amore!

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