Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



 Jack Jr was rescued by the Italian fire department a couple of days ago.
Joleen, an American lady, was watching the whole procedure. She felt warm hearted over what she saw, until she heard that the fire department would drive this little puppy to one of the horrible shetlers. There in a shelter, cramped with other dogs, hundreds were the adoption rate is zero. Once behind the bars,…that’s it! She rescued him and brought him home, bathed him and brushed him. Jack Jr is only a couple of months but a true sweet heart, already loving up on the family, other dogs and cats.

 Jack Jr is up for adoption–the family is already overloaded with rescue animals, and would keep him if they could. If you are serious to adopt, not being impulsive, and have what it takes to give Jack Jr a furever home, please contact us for more information.

Angelo is 10 years old and absolutely my favorite. AWL sponsored his amputation and he is doing wonderful. Fantastic sweet heart. Jack German Shepard mix is only a couple of months and rescued last week. Both are looking for perfect homes

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