Animals Without Limits

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Photo Mia Mattsson-Mercer (c) 2012

Stella Nutella is a cudle-bug. 

She doesn’t like to go out, only to lay inside the whole day. Couch and beds are her favorite places. If she could decide you would have to scratch her the whole day. She doesn’t like children that doesn’t know manors. 

photo Ozay Kron (c) 2012

Stella is 3 years old, calm, sterilized and would be perfect in a home with a garden. Someone who loves to be home the whole time. Perfect if the person works from home, or an older person who want company. She is the perfect reading partner. 

She was laying under a car all day in Southern Italy. Later people didn’t want her there and started to clean the streets. Right now she is in Germany in a foster home with several dogs and 2 small children.

Stella knows how to laugh. She is not a “typical” Dalmation. Doesn’t bark and is housebroken.

We are now searching for the five star home for Stella Nutella.

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