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This is the four-legged Kleber family from LA California US together with their beloved friend Fred the Fish They sent a wonderful donation to their four-legged friends and William the Fish at the AWL Hospice. They wanted to make sure that Mr Edgar Poe would get his eye surgery and sent 1000 dollar to even up what would be missing in the HAPPY HOUR POE “double up the Poe” collection. The rest would go to the other clients at the Hospice (Sassi, Stella, Vasili, Tigro, Ariel, Funny, Bonnie, Gaby (470 euro)

Poe sponsors: Malin Wahlin, Mitra Talarman, Lotta Frederiksson, Valerie Funk, China Platou, Lori Garcia (160 euro)

Kleber family (Picture above) Creature, Vinnie, Natalia, Lizzie and Fred from Brentwood, California. (240 euro)

Thank you for making a big difference. That’s Amore. We will make the appointment and for sure keep you updated about Mr Poe’s surgery.

Thank you Elisabeth Kruse and Sue Peacock for your double up…Super Amore!

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