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This is a story that I will always carry with me in my heart. Never before have I gone through something like this with another dog. It is a story that no one have read before. For many years have we been posting about Athena, how people treated her badly in the past, broke her heart and gave up on her.

AWL rescued her but she had to live alone, first in her own pen at LegaProAnimale, then in a “well decorated” garage waiting for the volunteers to come and love and pet her. She was always so full of love, and also with much energy since she was a mix with Pittbull and Boxer. But always, even though with broken hearts did her little tail-stub wag for us.

Some people told us to put her down to sleep, “it would be better!” Better for whom?
Everyone who met her liked her, but no one adopted her. One US Marine even confessed to being “scared” of her. I even contacted one of the worlds best clairvoyent people Benny Rosenqvist to ask him “Say something about the future for Athena.”

He told me that he saw a farm for her, and she would love it. With future telling there is no time-line revealed. We had to trust and be patience.

We always felt guilty and sad when entering into Athena’s home in the basement garage, I petted her head saying “please honey be patient we will find you a home.”

She is old, maybe 10 years old, no K9 teeth (ground down probably because she was a ‘training aid’ for fighting dogs) but the biggest heart, and we wanted a home for her before she would die. In Sweden I am well known for my work as an animal comunicator and my books. One day Minna Lind contacted me since we had had contact with each other 20 years ago. She has a rescue organization that helps animals in Romania and we had much in common. (She also has a cat hotel). We talked and I told her about my concern about Athena, no one for 2 years had been able to give Athena a forever home. Minna told me she would put a picture on her wall. It took less than 2 weeks and we got 3 interested, people. Suddenly from Germany too. I could not believe this!

We made the decision that a woman named Ullamai up in Sweden would be a perfect match and Minna called and talked to her.
Ullamai and her farm with horses and cats sounded like a dream, and I made the promise I would sponsor everything, the trip to Sweden her passports and shots. Athena was worth everything for a bright loving future. I drove the whole way from Napoli, Italy to Malmo, Sweden (24 hours), and Sara who picked up her own dog in Italy was with me in the car helping with walking Athena. Later in Sweden Sara drove Athena the rest of the way up North to where she lives and Ullamai could pick Athena up from her.
The love and concern the family are giving to Athena is wonderful. Ullamai said “It breaks your heart to see how much she want to please us.”
Athena, my tears are falling down out of love when I see the pictures of you in your new home, and the people who finally see you and give you what we wanted you to have. A home full of love, now you are home, Athena. We love you so much and you had so much patience. You are the most amazing dog I ever met.

Minna Lind, we are forever thankful and you have been nominated for an AWL Animal Friend Award 2012.

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