Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Some time ago I wrote about the shetler in need, a Govermental shelter with 387 dogs and 20 cats in big need of help because suddenly the Town Hall said they didn’t have any more money to pay for their operation.

That made a hard hit to the animals, the Goverment could contiune eating but the dogs died. They didn’t have any money to take care of the dead dogs, so the dead bodies had to be put in empty bags. There were very sick dogs standing without medicine, no food. AWL made a food collection and last Saturday we could deliver. We are so many involved and it was beautiful to see everybody working so hard to manage something better for the four legged inmates.

There is an Italian organization that are working even harder to make it happen for the animals. We were feeling very welcomed by them and we are looking forward to work together, helping them with more food, medicine and blankets.
This is one lucky client who was laying inside behind glased windows. An oldy named Chimetery
According to Italian Law, you are not allowed to put a dog to sleep as long as he/she is eating. Even if the government can’t/won’t pay, they are still in charge, it is their land.
Sweet pie, waiting for a home. Would you like to help?
I am here because someone didn’t want me…
Not easy growing old and have a face like a ROCKY and a heart like a SNOWHITE
I have one wish! To be seen, even when you look at my picture, you don’t see me since I am still here.
Handsome Vacilius, very sick his body, is scared from Leichaminiosis, he is having big wounds around his paws. I would be very happy if he could come to our hospice. He is a sweetheart.

Thank you all for making a difference, for seeing the problem and helping to make it better for some. Helping is a gift to give to a heart that is aching after being seen and confirmed.

AWL TEAM you are the best so many I want to thank I hope you can feel it.

Families, volunteers you are amazing. Sweden, Italy, America and Germany. Hearts, we love you.

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