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Yesterday I sent out a newsletter about our goal/dream to finally get AWL its own rescue VAN.For a long time AWL has wanted — and needed — to have our own rescue transportation. For four years, we used a SUV picking up wounded animals that were hit by cars, transporting hospice clients to the vet clinic for treatments, transporting spay and neuter clients, etc. When we got big food donations we could fill up the SUV for transportation to the shelters in need. We’ve even drove adopted animals to the airport, in their travel cages.

But since our SUV broke down, we don’t have any animal-transportation available in Campania anymore, where it is needed. It’s with heavy hearts that we sometimes have to leave the wounded animals along the road. In Lago Patria area we see up to 7-8 dogs a day, being wounded by cars, roaming on the highway. Not to mention our clients at the hospice that need to go to vet appointments, etc.

AWL has a great opportunity to buy this VAN at a good price $1200.

It’s nothing extravagant, a 1995 Chevy mini-van but it can help many lives.

Our wonderful Animal supporter Craig Kleber is challenging you all to come up with half the price. (Craig will pay the other half!) It’s another Kleber matching fund-drive!

This would be the best Valentine Present to our AWL clients.”

To our surprise in a couple of hours we got the matching amount. What a joy!

What we also learned is that another fantastic Kleber man sent us an e mail saying ” I donate 600 dollar as a Kick Start for gas and insurance.” Now we understand the Kleber Family;s big heart for Animals!

We also want to thank those who helped match the Kleber Challenge, your generosity is amazing. I have promised that all your names are going to be on the VAN as the sponsors.

Some would wonder why we would chose an older van. But for you who have lived in Napoli, you know and understand, you can not have anything fancy pansy, it will be stolen or broken into. I parked my SUV on our street and had windows smashed in. In Napoli you have to have some bumps and scratches. Like my husband always asked me when I came home “So honey, what color are the stripes today?”

That’s Colorful Amore!

Next to our Hospice is Antonio, the mechanic and body-shop man. He is a wonderful elderly man and he will help look after our AWL Rescue Van too. Most of the International people use him, we have done so several times. And he always keeps an extra eye on the hospice….

This is so fantastic. THANK YOU and …HAPPY VALENTINE


Tracey Nettles USA

Mittra Talarman Sweden/Italy

Steven Lovejoy USA/Italy

Carina Lidbom Sweden

Jonnie England USA

Tanja Sewell-Pattist USA

Janice Martin USA

Joanne Ericksson CA. USA

Teresa Ramsey, USA

Linda Dippel, TX USA

Mahlin Wahlin Sweden

Elisabeth Kruse USA/Germany

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