Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Once in a while I remember why I do all this work, and for free.

Why do I love the work of finding these miserable lives nearly dead? Behind their eyes I see their sparkle of life still glowing. Is it because they never give up like we humans? Is it because they never complain like humans? Nor destroy?

I love being in the surgery room together with Dr Damiani, to hear him and Dr Fransesco discuss, take out their books and show me the explanation. They draw on papers, their eyes are sparkling, they can also see the life in the animals eyes, even if the dog’s body tells another story.
Tonight I got a picture that reassured me why I am doing this….WE NEVER GAVE UP!
Read this story and then go back and look at the picture…This is LIFE!
Frank had to go through a 6 hour surgery since he was infected throught his whole body, Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco did fantastic work. Then it was many drives from hospice to the clinic, some small complications but we did it!!! His beautiful mom sent me this picture with a note tonight:

Chiara Buccolini He is amazing! Every day at work with me (I’m working in a shop of saddles) He sleeps in my room … a beautiful love story. I take the photo and he is a friend of mine. Thank you very much. All this is thanks to you. now that I saw the old photos I weep while he sleeps. :-)”

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