Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Picture taken December 2011 16 C Napoli

Thank you
Boy Scout Troop 007 Kyle Baldree’s Eagle Project
NSA Support Site, Gricignano
Scott McClure–Scoutmaster. It was a pleasure to meet you all, you made a great face lift at AWL´s Hopsice (garden work)

It was with pleasure I returned down to Italy briefly, to the hospice to meet up with all the clients. On Saturday morning, the Scouts came and Kyle was in charge for a project helping AWL´s hospice. Weeks before on a Sunday, he and his fellow scouts had bagged in the store at Support Site, collecting $900 dollars that he later used to buy material for his planned project at the hospice.

They were a nice goup of approximatelz 10; between 10-55 years of the age.

The clients were happy to get so much attention and the garden got a nice uplift. Half the fence was painted, a new big metal shelf was brought up. And we got dog food too. They worked and cleaned very nicely the whole day, old things were thrown away.

It was a loving — and cleaning— Amore day.

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