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You can read about Sassi in earlier blogs about how her owner rescued her, starved her, then abandonen her to AWL.

We take care of Sassi, she is now spayed and our volunteer Martina took her into her home and 6 dogs for a couple of days recovering and monitoring her. This is the update I got from Martina.

“She was perfect with dogs(at the beginning growled but then she loved all my sweet dogs,especially Buba), perfect with the cat, perfect with pee 🙂 always outside! She slept with us in the bedroom last night and this morning she woke me up to go out and pee :). She waited me flat on the floor all the bowls firt to all my dogs and then to her. I never heard her bark in these two days. She is also learning to go on a leash. She is sweet, I love her so much! “

If you are a loving and thoughtful patience person/family and would love to foster her or getting her what she deserves the most, a permanent home. She need a very firm hand that will help her understand what you want from her and to let her be who she is.

She is full of Amore!

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