Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



We are so privileged to have a very gentle and good veterinarian visiting our Hospice to make a health check on every one of our residents there. And, if needed injections done and prescriptions made.
Also those who are in need will get pedicure and proper care. We are so thankful for Dr Vittorio he is very gentle and kind to the animals. AND, to come and make the visit on a Saturday staying for a couple of hours … that is fantastic.
And AWL Italian team are fabulous. They give me updates, ask questions and make suggestions. Together make the solutions. They never do anything without my approval. After Dr Vittorio’s visits, I get a thorough report and pictures. That is team work.
Some have been wondering and forgiven me if I haven’t been clear in some changes in AWL Italy.

I (Mia) am still the President, making all the decisions about money and still am the one holding the bank accounts. I get reports and pictures and make the decisions about what dog needs what or which kind of help. Martina is my eyes and ears, and together with AWL Italy team the biggest help. Martina and I are in contact several times each and every day via email, FB and phone. I couldn’t be more happy to have her and the team running things for AWL Italy, they are doing so much toward making a big change with the stray problems and people’s abandonment and disregarded commitments.
AWL thanks Dr Vittorio for all his help and a very good discount. Also Martina, Pio, Chiara. You guys are Amore.

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