Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


Another great Saturday with the Italian Team and Hospital Painting Team. From early morning to late afternoon everyone were painting, repairing and loving up on the dogs.

Antonio fixing the lamp.

Team Hospital Painting team. AWL has still not got all the names from the team and cannot wait with the update. We don’t want people to feel forgotten but if we keep asking for updates and doens’t get them we will have to post with the information we got. But we want you all to know, we love your help and love to the dogs. You are team Amore!

Getting happier colours, the clients were admiring or laughing….but they loved all the attention they got

Even our hospice client Wally thought his colours were great.

Now that is RED! Some claim dogs are colour blind….How about our oldies, are they colour blind?

Layla thinks it is fun watching every body working hard for her, while she is taking it easy!

Now, that is YELLOW!

Our beautiful Sunday Rose came out for first time in a long time of rehabilitation. You can read about her in earlier blog.

She was so happy and everyone were happy watching our little miracle.


Later……OK it’s not finished yet…more later.

Even the poop was colourful this day.

Thank you Martina, Pio, Chiara, Antonio, Angy, and Team Hospital painting. You all are colourful Amore!

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