Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


We were having a food donation drive and also to put frontline on 200 dogs (donations only to half of the dogs)) at Adrianna’s 400 shelter –these are dogs that are both Governmental and Private dogs. Some of the volunteers got cracker boxes to go around and give the shelter dogs a treat. You felt hopeless but that feeling had to be pushed to the side. Pitty didn’t help, documentation and more volunteers could make a difference.

I took a walk around starring into every cage. These dogs never come out, some stays had been there up to 16 years. How could I pick someone, it was confusion inside me — which one when everyone was in desperate need of a home or medical treatment?

Suddenly, I stopped outside a cage with only one dog inside. She had the strangest body I had ever seen, she reminded me of ET. But those eyes just went through my soul.

Her! She’s the one! Something yelled inside of me.

Some of the girls told me they had sat outside her cage crying. When I openned the cage and carried her out, they all cheered.

Everyone that met Zamira fell in love with her. Yes we named her that.

She had been locked in a cage since 2003 on a concrete floor and with a disease like the African children have… starving but with a swollen belly. She couldn’t make use of nutrition since one of her inner organs didn’t work very well.

When visitng Dr Damiani’s office they all fell in love with her, and she hated the cage and made big noises. So they let her out roaming around in the clinic were she was actually very happy to be. Thank you Dr Damiani, Dr Fransesca, Dr Fransesco.
Drivers; Mia, Angie, Chiara.

Amore everyone but some extra special; Steven, Gina and AWL Team.

Special food delivery; Lynn with home cooked Turkey
At the hospice we found out she loved chasing balls, it looked so funny… she just took off and then she ate the ball(s). She actually had a high speed so we named her; Zamira Rocket!
Adrianna came after a couple of weeks and visited Zamira and smiled when she saw her, there in freedom wobbling in the grass, laying in a warm soft bed. Adrianna asked me how long I thougth Zamira had left in life, if it was one week or one month. She knew she didn’t have a long time left, but with time and spirit, you can never predict.

It came actually faster than I wanted, but does it matter how long we wish for? We always want to extend time with the ones we love the most.

She became weaker. We drove her in to Dr Fransesco who wanted her on a diet of only Turkey for a short time and then make a biopsy on the inner organs to find a cause why she was not doing as well as before.

Her health went down so fast that they wanted to do a surgery and they called me for permission. Whatever was the best for Zamira without her suffering was our goal, together with Dr Damiani and team.

Dr Damiani called me and had no good news, her pancreases (Picture above) was nearly gone, her liver was severely damaged (Below) and her tongue was badly necrotic ( dead ) on the tip of her tongue. (above picture of pancreases). There was no point in continuing the biopsy.

My decision, which many supported, let Zamira-Rocket get to her final destination: freedom.
With an injection she went over to meet her other friends, some from the hospice and some new, but finally they could all together run after balls in the cool green grass across Rainbow Bridge, on strong firm legs, with lungs and organs that worked effortlessly as they should.

Adrianna said goodbye to her, with the rest of the AWL team, she was never alone. Our little ET girl full of love. We miss you so much already.

Thank you all for doing what we all want to do, giving them belly rubs, sunshine, soft beds, great food, medicine and humane euthanization. That’s Liebe Amore

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