Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our friends and benefactors. Each month we cross our fingers and pray that our donations will meet our needs (rent, medicine, food, repairs, etc).
So, it is only right that we thank those who make what we do possible.
The painting team from the Navy Hospital at the Support Site (NSA Naples). For a whole Saturday they were painting at the Hospice. Their efforts result in a wonderfully clean and updated appearance in the upstairs bedrooms and the fence around the property.

Thank you everyone for your good bye’s for me when it was my time to leave Italy. It is nice to know I had many wonderful friends.

Donations from lovely people, thank you, Tracey Kleber, Los Angeles USA; Steven Lovejoy, USA; Chioma Aduku-Griffin, USA; Kristina Louise Tipton, USA. China Platou, SE; Deborah Moors, USA; Natatia dePaoli, Italy; Angela Collins USA, Tracey L Nettles USA, Tanya Bonard Killborn USA. Heavenly Cake Marilyn, USA.

For Finely’s (2nd) Birthday the Family Molly Kelleher Honing chose to donate in his honor donated also friends Amy Markowitz and photographer Renee Williams USA

Frederica Sandri’s wish was on her wedding day to donate to AWL instead of buying gifts. Thank you so much for that generous thought and the much needed donations. Aguri sweet Fredeica, you are Amore.

Todd for 200 l propane so we can have some couple of warm months in the hospice.

And as always, beautiful AWL Hospice team Martina and Pio, Chiara and Antonio, Patty, Angy, Grazia and “Turkey-boiling” Lynn for Zamira’s diet.

All you are true Amore, thank you for making a difference. Neues Liebe!

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