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Remember the story about abandoned Fluke (read earlier blog) that was found and taken care. Here is Fluke’s new Chapter in life.

Tuesday, Todd drove Fluke to his new parents and life north of Rome. It is a 4-hour drive to Firenza (Florence) from Naples, and all Todd had was the exit name to go off of.

Luckily, as they came through the toll-booth, Fluke was standing up in the back seat, and the new family caught sight of him and started to wave! Otherwise, the three-way link-up coordinated through SMS messages between Todd-Mia-Marty-new family would have been problematic!

Todd reports that Fluke was an excellent travel-buddy. He stayed in the back-seat quietly, laying down most of the way. Never a bark or whimper, and only a few times did he get up to look around, then back down to his comfy towel on the backseat in the Ford Fiesta.

Fluke enjoyed the sights and smells in the grass beside the toll-station where he met his new mommy and daddy. Here, he’s walked by dad for the first time.

Both mom and dad were very pleased with Fluke. New Mom exclaimed “bellisimo!”, and said his name was very pretty and special, and they would not change it.

Fluke’s new family came prepared with a bowl and fresh, clean, cool water. They knew their boy would be thirsty after 4 hours in the car traveling.

All set to go to his new home, Todd wishes him a good life!

A happy boy! Fluke with his new daddy at the meeting spot, an exit along the Autostrada in Firenza (Florence).

Thank you Mercer family for fostering him, Martina for being the adoption coordinator, and Todd the driver. Tema Rescue did it. That’s Amore.

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