Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


AWL is pleased to be able to award some more fantastic animal workers that in one way or another are helping to make a difference. More Amore help.

CRAIG KLEBER from Los Angeles, USA, a fantastic and generous man, who not only helps AWL animals in Italy, but also back in the States. He is a man who gives the animals a voice, a meaning, and a life away from suffering; he donates money so the animals can eat. He is a great big-hearted animal guy, who sees the unwanted and does something about it. You are our Amore.

I spotted them three (3) years ago at a shelter. They were hardworking, loyal and loving animal friends. They have helped so many animals and their help to AWL hospice is fabulous. They also help drive sick animals to vet. clinics, Pio has been known to drive dogs to their new adoptive homes far away, and Martina is a jewelry designer and 50% of her sales go to AWL. They are beautiful friends. Thank you!

The cat woman.

We don’t know how many cats she saved and had spayed and neutered. Every week she is driving to the clinic and having them fixed, and she traps them herself. She also volunteers as much as she can at the rehab/hospice. She is full of meow Amore!

This lady came into our lives nearly a year ago. She is a fantastic woman and has done so much to help AWL to grow. She has been there at the hospice every morning at 0700 for 7 months and every second afternoon for feeding. She mows the lawn, cleans, loves and is a fantastic volunteer. We love her so much. She is a “forte” woman!

Our Longheart goof, that was rescued and AWL sponsored his castration and medical treatment out at Lega Pro Animale. Bruno stayed at the hospice for some time before being adopted. One day AWL got a phone call from Dr Damiani that a young Setter needed blood transfusion or she would die, did we have a hunting dog?
Bruno was brought in and laid next to the little girl giving his blood to save her life. She is today doing great.
Bruno was not only saved, but saved a life himself. We gladly present him with the AWL HERO 2011 award.

The plaques are donated by the Mercer family. That’s Amore!

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