Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Animals Without Limits had its 2nd annual fundraiser sponsored by Hotel Agora and Global Agency last Friday.
We are all so wonderfully thankful to Jennifer Kreisler for supporting the animals as well as she does. She has her hands full with the hotel, a real estate agency and her family: her husband and two children. You mean the world to us and all the Campania Strays that are suffering from either a traffic accident or neglect.

And the band was fantastic! We were so thrilled that the band themselves provided 30 minutes extra for the AWL cause. Fantastic.


Of course someone came with a “bananbasket” with two abandoned puppies. They are now in a fosterhome and waiting for a furever home.

After a long hectic day, finally some vegetarian food.

After a long hectic day, and evening with tears and laughs, finally money and a drink

The guests were wonderful coming up and talking to us.

Bring the money in!!!

I love Patty, always so funny…Lynn our great cat lady

Chi Chi a wonderful multi talented lady.

Martina and Chiara Ricci for their gorgeous collection jewelry that was on sale, and helped support AWL from a portion of their proceeds.

Trina Grimes and Lynn Woodall sat at the entrance and kept us updated frequently about numbers of guests and how much money was coming in.

Puppy love. One girl and one boy that we named after Dicky and Star. 2 lives left us and 2 new came. Univers works in different ways.

Little one, we will do our best to give you a wonderful home.

Chi Chi and Patty helped at the information table.

We are always grateful to you Jennifer and Hotel Agora for your love and devotion to the animals, and your support for what AWL does in Campania. You are Amore. A big hug from all of us!

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