Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Luna with her Italian friends came out and washed dogs. They were all so sweet and full of life. Also, they brought dog food, so beautiful girls (and one man) Thanks Chiara for being the contact person.

Benny our digger was in his best mood. I can soon plant trees. He was washed by the volunteers and afterward he rolled in dirt. He is an Amore dirt bag 🙂

GIRLPOWER!!! We had asked some guys to come and help carry down a stinky sofa, but they were home in bed 😉 SO we girlpower did it (ok one guy)

Volunteers gave so much Amore. What a great joyful day. The dogs were in “heaven” with getting all the kisses and love.

Great Lenny helped organize medicines. Its not easy when it is in Italian.

Lynn and Trine rescued this beautiful wonderful young female, Scrawny. Olivia and I picked her up and went out to Lega Pro having her spayed. Lynn and Trine went out some hours later and picked her. Trine is now fostering her. That’s Amore!

Great volunteer, Leah. Thank you so much for all your help.

As always, Martina gives a lot of Amore to our wonderful girl Talia (she is up for adoption, Talia)
We had so much fun the whole weekend, so many came and made the clients day more filled with sunshine. Thank you all, you are Amore!

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