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For a couple of years now have they been building a new NATO base close to where we live, after years of construction it will finally be open next year. Before it was just a big open space for many strays to have their litters, pack meetings and living. But now many people are driving there, building and closing in the area.

A woman, Lynn, has her “own” couple of strays that she has been feeding for several years, but now when the bushes are being torn down, more dogs seem to shows up wanting to be fed.

Many strays are pleased to see humans who give them treats, food and water, and maybe a pat on their head. AWL is starting to be worried when all new comers are coming and dogs will be taken in, and many probably will be cast off and out again, less capable to defend themselves (because they will have lost the instincts to survive on their own by then).

What do you do? They are lovely, you want to take them in but there is no room, no one wants to foster and it is the season of vacation when pets are being dumped on the streets. The adoption agency said their adoption line have never ever been so quiet as now.

So we decided that we should at least try to spay and neuter, and then release them back.

No more puppies!

My daughter Olivia and I went there and caught one young female (21 kg).
So scared, she curled up in the back of my SUV. I felt so bad and I hated this part of the work that I do. I had to constantly convince myself that this was better than nothing.

We left her at the clinic Lega Pro Animale and since she was a “return”
we could pick her up after a couple of days. I was pleased, since if something would happen, she was under good care.

Some days later, me and Olivia returned. She refused to walk on a leech so I had to carry her, she was ok with that.

We drove to the place where we picked her up but the gates were closed. I told Olivia we would have to release her outside, she could find a way in.

Suddenly an Italian Military van came up and out jumped a man in uniform shouting/yelling “You are not allowed to dump any dogs!”

Surprised at first but then I tried to explain to him what we were doing and why. He sighed and told me he had heard that before.

Olivia and I started to laugh so badly that I guess he thought we were totally crazy.

We drove off giggling and to the hospice were Talia now is staying. I don’t think

I want to do this spay and neuter release project anymore.

I was told I should put her back in the dark. But myself as the president of AWL, of course has a lot of eyes on me. Since we go after those who abandon dogs I bet they are waiting in the bushes to catch me.

That would be their laughing Amore!

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