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I think this blog entry is the most difficult I’ve had to write, so many emotions are involved. Robyn Wire pulled out a lot from we humans, our honesty and miseries to name a few emotions. She reunited people and she got people to break up with each other. She brought out positive words and thoughts, she brought out negative talk.

It still hurts, I still look into her former room and wait for her to look at me with those big, curious, scared and wild eyes. She was desperate for her freedom and we “saved” her from her freedom when she tried to escape.

We were afraid of letting her back in the wilderness with only three legs, afraid she wouldn’t survive. Ironic now!

Some wanted her to be put down to sleep, we got horrified at the thought.
Ironic now!

You can read her story from earlier blogs.

As you know, she stayed at the hospice were we were many who loved and cared for her. Every day we sat in her room with her. Lynn brought a fan so she could be cooler. Pio was the first one to take her on a leash, walking her out. It was magic to see her, and how she trusted us volunteers.

She destroyed a whole room, so eager to get out. The balcony door was so eaten and chewed that the windows were falling out, our bookcase totally destroyed and the door — she ate her through a double door. Pio had safe-proofed the whole yard, likewise had Patty. High steel fence surrounded the garden, and she did fine with the other clients. We were five shifts during the days, and during the night they were all locked in their rooms. She was amazing on three legs, better than those with four legs. She jumped up on 1 meter high walls, tried to jump from balconies, climbed fences from a big pen she was locked in (It’s in the middle of the yard).

Plans were made for her. A special handicapped harness was ordered for her back in the States by her special sponsor, Craig.

Tammy (she and her husband originally found her in the woods) contacted Best Friend org in the States, Ms Jill asking them to save Robyn at their Sanctuary for animals with special needs.

But on this recent day we lost Robyn in a tragic accident. Still I can see it, still I can smell. It was (is) a big shock, and still I see her when I close my eyes. Finally she got her freedom. Martina, Pio and I buried her in my yard. It was a painful education what brought out the truth in many of we humans.

You never know if you are doing the right thing, until you have the future in your hands. Maybe that’s Amore.

RIP Robyn Wire, you were a true fighter.


  1. Jonnie

    Mia, I feel your pain and sadness and suffering across the miles, across the ocean. I wish I had words, wise words, that would bring you comfort and ease your pain. Unfortunately, I know the kind of pain you feel for Robyn, and know that only time will help to ease it–and the knowledge that every single thing you did was in an effort to save her, to make her life better. You really should have no regrets at all. But knowing you, I know you do have regrets. Some animals just aren't meant to live long, happy lives, despite our best intentions and best efforts. Sometimes we intervene and just delay what was fated all along. But I think she knew you were trying to help her. Like some people, she just didn't want to accept help. She wanted to live life her way. But she knew and she felt your love. Please don't grieve too much, my friend. We don't always remember all the ones we've saved or all those whose lives have been made better by our efforts. But we remember each and everyone we lost with great sadness. But for all those who still need us, we have to go on. You can do that, you have done that. But I know you'll always keep Robyn in her heart. My love to you, dear Mia. You are amazing.


  2. International Animal Rescue

    Jonnie, you are an amazing woman gifted and talented. Your words are breath taking, my tears are falling down but are not hurting.
    Thank you for being there for me, thank you for understanding, thank you for guiding me when it feels dark. THANK YOU, you are AMore


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