Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


AWL is very busy and we are behind to tell you everything we are doing and have done. Let me try to catch up a little.

Greg who you read about on earlier posting, rescued and treated at AWL rehab/hospice. Our wonderful Greg will be leaving us tomorrow Friday. He got a wonderful family up North that Martina found, and had volunteers go and check the new home. We will miss him terrible since he has been a big favorite among us all. Good Luck handsome, you are Amore!

Yesterday AWL had three dogs sterilized at Lega Pro Animale from Adrianne’s Shelter. (Picture of number three will be published soon)

And Kiki had to visit Dr Damiani yesterday since she was peeing blood and had an eye infection.

Wonderful treatment, and today she is already doing fine. She is fantastic old lady, been chained up for 14 years and now running like a canon ball. That’s Amore

Picked up Benny that we rescued (read earlier blog) He got green horrible eye infection, erhlichia, more tests are pending. Keep your paws for Benny. He is now at the rehab/hospice, and he is an energetic boy.

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