Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



What an evening! We started out already at 17.00 and 20.30 the BBQ kicked in. AWL had its own table and many people came up. Thanks for all the donations.

Martina and Chiara Ricci’s handmade bling-bling. I love their collection, and they were so generous, 50 % went to AWL. Now, that’s Amore!~

Super ladies, Lynn and Marie hade done a fantastic job with all the prices for the raffles. It was amazing. Thank you ladies, that’s Amore!

My star smile for the evening. Amore Smile!

New designed AWL aprons …love them!!

The great AWL helpers, Chiara, Angelina and Martina. Always there! Great friends.

Guests…I had moved out my table in the lovely weather.

Angelina’s relative had baked/made/designed cupcakes! 100% profit went to AWL. What an Amore family. Thank you!

The biggest hug from me and one of the guests goes to Hotel Agora owner Jennifer. Thank you for your big heart. We love you! You are Amore!

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