Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



AWL’s Hospice had its first, small charity party with a lot of beautiful glittering jewelry, both for women and their beloved dogs. AWL wants to specially thank Martina Ricci and Chiarra Ricci for their fantastic collection, all hand-made. What was very touching and big, they donated half their income from the sale of their jewelry to the Hospice! We are so thankful for their generosity and support, their love for the rehab/hospice animals is so big.

Photographer Alessandro de Falco donated approximately 20 framed pictures for sale, and he took portraits of all the Casa dell’Amore clients. What a fantastic, big heart.

Angelina had baked and sold many of her delicious marmalade or chocolate cookies and donated all the money to the hospice. What a generous team. We love you, that’s amore! We also want to share a big hug and thank you to Patty who made cupcakes and brought punch with her. Always a great volunteer. Angelina’s sister came with mini pizza and other finger food. Tatiania with the most amazing fudge, it went down quick. Dog food came delivered by Wendy, Kimberly & husband and Lynn. Lori donated a big crate and had a lot of cactus and succulents with her, that she and my children planted. All you who came and bought and mingled, thank you for showing up. You all are our Amore supporters for those who love us unconditionally back, whatever we do and whatever flaws we have.

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