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AWL and all the “four legged fur coats” here in Campania want to celebrate a special person: Craig Kleber from Los Angeles.

Not only for his big heart and generous wallet, it is his birthday today! We have heard about Craig before, how he has rescued dogs, walked abandoned dogs on behalf of a lady who helps them in Los Angeles, he has even sponsored very sick dogs in LA.

Once, he even rescued a fish named Fred from being abandoned…all that shows what a pure-hearted animal friend he is. He has four-legged kids of his own together with his former wife, and they share custody. He has a heart of gold when it comes to animals, he is a big wonderful supporter to AWL.

Many times he has stepped in and made sure that AWL has been able to give a dog a treatment or surgery. For his birthday (today) he donated $1000 (one thousand dollars) to buy dog food for Adrianna Shelter here in Campania (it is being special ordered.)

He is loyal, thoughtful, special animal friend. We want to wish him a wonderful barking happy birthday today, and happiness and health always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG!

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